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GRWM Meaning: What Does GRWM Mean In Text?

Meaning of GRWM internet acronym

“GRWM” stands for “Get Ready With Me”. It’s a popular acronym used on social media, especially in videos and posts that document someone’s routine for getting ready for an event, activity, or just their day. These videos typically showcase their beauty and fashion choices, with step-by-step demonstrations of applying makeup, styling hair, picking out an outfit, and more.

Here’s a breakdown of GRWM meaning and how it is used

As an abbreviation:

You’ll often see “GRWM” used in titles, hashtags, and descriptions of these types of videos. For example, a beauty influencer might post a video titled “GRWM: Valentine’s Day Makeup Look” or use the hashtag #GRWM in their description.

As a noun:

Sometimes, “GRWM” is used as a noun to refer to the video itself. For example, someone might say, “I’m watching a fun GRWM video on TikTok.”

Where is it popular?

GRWM videos are popular on all major social media platforms, including TikTok, Instagram, YouTube, and even Twitter.

Beyond beauty and fashion:

While GRWM is most commonly associated with beauty and fashion, it can also be used for other types of getting-ready routines. For example, you might see a GRWM video about someone packing for a trip, getting ready for a workout, or even preparing for a presentation at work.

How Can We Use “GRWM” On Snapchat’s Snap?

On Snapchat, you can use “GRWM” (Get Ready With Me) in various ways to share moments of your preparation routine, provide beauty or style tips, or just engage with your audience. Here are some ideas for using “GRWM” on Snapchat:

  • Morning Routine Snap:

Share a quick snap in the morning, showcasing your routine from waking up to getting ready. Caption it with “GRWM” to let your friends know you’re taking them along for your morning preparation.

  • Beauty Tips Series:

Create a series of snaps sharing beauty tips or makeup tricks. Each snap can be a step in your routine, and you can label them with “GRWM” to indicate it’s part of your “Get Ready With Me” series.

  • Outfit of the Day (OOTD):

Capture snaps of choosing your outfit, putting it on, and finalizing your look. Use “GRWM” to tie the snaps together and give your friends a glimpse of your style process.

  • Hair Styling Session:

If you’re trying a new hairstyle, share the process on Snapchat with a series of snaps labeled “GRWM.” This is a fun way to include your friends in your styling adventures.

  • Event Preparation:

Before heading out to an event, share a few snaps of your preparation routine. Use “GRWM” to signify that you’re getting ready for a particular occasion, be it a party, date, or gathering.

  • Skincare Routine Snap Series:

Create a series of snaps detailing your skincare routine. Use “GRWM” in your captions to make it clear that you’re sharing your “Get Ready With Me” skincare routine.

  • Snapchat Stories Highlights:

Save your “GRWM” snaps to your Snapchat Stories Highlights, creating a dedicated section for your preparation routines. This way, your followers can easily revisit your beauty or style tips.

  • Product Reviews and Recommendations:

Incorporate “GRWM” into snaps where you review or recommend beauty products. Share your thoughts on different items as part of your “Get Ready With Me” routine.

How Can We Use “GRWM” On Facebook?

On Facebook, you can use “GRWM” (Get Ready With Me) in various ways like other social platfroms, specially used by influencers. Here are some ideas for incorporating “GRWM” into your Facebook posts:

  • Photo Album of Your Day:

Create a photo album documenting your day, including snapshots of your morning routine, outfit choices, and beauty rituals. Use “GRWM” in the album description to tie everything together.

  • Beauty Tutorial Videos:

Share short beauty tutorial videos on Facebook, demonstrating makeup techniques, hairstyling, or skincare routines. Use “GRWM” as part of your video caption to let your audience know they’re getting ready with you.

  • Outfit Inspiration Posts:

Share photos of your outfits with “GRWM” in the caption. Offer styling tips and inspiration, making it clear that your friends and followers are virtually joining you as you get ready.

  • Event Preparation Livestream:

Go live on Facebook to show your preparation for a special event. Use “GRWM” in the description to let your audience know that they are part of your preparation process in real-time.

  • Behind-the-Scenes Snippets:

Share behind-the-scenes snippets of your daily routine, whether it’s choosing accessories, applying makeup, or styling your hair. Caption your posts with “GRWM” to add a playful touch.

  • Captioning Beauty Photos:

When sharing a particularly beautiful or stylized photo, use “GRWM” in the caption to imply that the photo captures a moment during your preparation.

  • Makeup Look of the Day (MOTD):

Share your makeup look of the day with “GRWM” in the caption. It’s a simple way to let your friends and followers know you’re showcasing your current beauty choices.

  • Sharing Personal Grooming Tips:

Accompany grooming or beauty tips with “GRWM” to indicate that you’re providing insights into your personal routine.

  • Event Day Countdown:

If you’re excited about a particular event or occasion, start a countdown on Facebook with “GRWM” in the posts leading up to the big day.

  • Facebook Stories Series:

Use “GRWM” in your Facebook Stories to create a series of short, engaging clips showcasing different aspects of your preparation routine.

How Can We Use “GRWM” On Instagram?

On Instagram, you can use “GRWM” (Get Ready With Me) in various ways, including in captions for photos and videos, Instagram Reels, and as a hashtag. Here are some suggestions on how to incorporate “GRWM” into your Instagram content:

  • Instagram Reels:

Create short and engaging Instagram Reels showcasing your beauty routine, outfit selection, or preparation for an event. Include “GRWM” in the caption or overlay text to let your audience know it’s a “Get Ready With Me” moment.

  • Caption for Photos and Videos:

Use “GRWM” as a caption for your Instagram posts to convey the mood or atmosphere of the content. For example:

Example: “Saturday vibes: GRWM for a night out! 💄👗”

  • Hashtag Usage:

Incorporate “GRWM” into your hashtags to categorize your posts and reach a broader audience. Examples include:

Example: #GRWMBeauty


  • Beauty Tutorial Series:

Share a series of posts or videos as part of your “GRWM” beauty tutorial. Break down each step and provide insights into your routine.

  • Event Preparation Highlights:

Use “GRWM” to create Instagram Stories highlights showcasing your preparation for special events or occasions. This could include makeup looks, outfit choices, and more.

  • Hair and Makeup Inspiration:

Share your hairstyle and makeup choices with the “GRWM” hashtag to inspire your followers and connect with others in the beauty community.

  • Interactive Instagram Stories:

Create interactive Instagram Stories using features like polls or questions, asking your followers for input or suggestions on your “GRWM” routine.

  • Product Reviews:

Use “GRWM” in captions for posts where you review or recommend beauty products. Share your thoughts and experiences with specific items.

  • Outfit of the Day (OOTD):

Combine “GRWM” with your outfit posts to share your styling process and fashion choices with your followers.

  • Daily Routine Highlights:

Showcase snippets of your daily routine, from morning skincare to evening relaxation, using “GRWM” in your Instagram Stories highlights.


In simple terms, “GRWM,” which means “Get Ready With Me,” is a cool way people share their getting-ready routines online. Whether in texts, messages, or on social media like Snapchat, Instagram, and more, it’s a fun and friendly phrase.

People use “GRWM” to show others how they do their hair, makeup, or get ready for events. It became popular because it’s short, easy to use, and lets people connect over everyday activities. So, next time you see “GRWM,” it’s an invitation to join in and see someone’s behind-the-scenes moments!

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